Dillenger BAFANG 8FUN Mid drive electric conversion kit



Dillenger BAFANG 8FUN Mid drive electric conversion kit


SEB now sells the renowned mid drive motor kit from Bafang. Great weight distribution and a super efficient hill climber. If you have a decent bike already and want a centre mount ebike this kit is for you. Available in a range of motor and battery configurations.

8FUN is the premier brand of mid drive conversion kits and as a manufacturer they have a reputation in the industry second to none.

Thanks to unrelenting reliability, ease of installation and great usability the 8FUN mid drives kits had gained popularity over the last few years.

Some of the benefits of the 8FUN drive is the insane amount of torque that these systems can achieve. Adding power to the bike at the crank means you have the variation of your gear train allowing you to gear down on a hill, or gear up on the flat.

The new series of BBS01 and BBS02 8FUN mid drive electric bike conversion kits will fit on any internal bottom bracket crank axle and we have them available in 250W, 350W and 500W for off road use.

We have paired each of the 4 kits up with different battery options to offer a variation in specs and prices to suit your project.

Each of the 4 available 8FUN kits utilize Dillenger’s Stealth battery casing and lock neatly into the provided battery cradle (all wiring pre-installed).  This battery system usually mounts on the water bottle cradle bolts, but is also available with a rear rack as an optional extra.

We’ve  combined the 8FUN mid drive system with our own waterproof wiring, cradle and stealth battery range to offer customers a bespoke solution.

The 250W kit comes complete with a 10Ah 36V Headway cell Li-ion battery pack.

The 350W Offroad kit comes complete with a long range 14.5Ah 36V Samsung cell Li-ion battery pack (in the same stealth casing).

The 500W Offroad kit comes complete with a 8Ah 48V Headway cell Li-ion battery pack (in the stealth casing).

Included in this electric bike conversion kit:

  • 8FUN mid motor electric bike conversion kit
  • BAttery cradle mount with wiring pre-installed
  • Replacement cranks, crank bolts, chain wheel and chain wheel protector
  • Locking ring, bracket and nuts
  • e-brakes, LCD, buttons and thumb throttle
  • 3 to 1 cable connecting the 8FUN controller to the rest of the kit
  • 3 to 1 cable holder to organise the cable neatly, with cable ties
  • Battery as specified above with compatible charger

General Specs on the 8FUN mid drive kit:
3-9 Level pedal assist (can be reprogrammed by customer using the LCD display)
LCD screen with back light, shows speed, trip, odometer, PAS level, battery level and time
Pedal assist integrated into the housing (not need for separate installation)
Thumb throttle with replacement grips
Military grade water proof wiring and plugs throughout
Stealth batteries (selected separately) mount only the Dillenger cradle (provided) and lock into place with keys
Controller is built into the mid motor housing making for a neat, professional looking finished product
Kit weighs 4 kg
Battery weighs 2.5kg
2A Smart charger included
1 year warranty on battery, motor, controller, LCD and wiring loom
Pure ‘plug-and-play’ electric bike kit 

BBS01 Model 36V 350W (with 36V 14.5Ah):
Top speed (6 or 7 speed) up to 27-30km/h
18A, 36V, 9 MOSFET
Range up to 40-80km with throttle and PAS use

The 8FUN mid drive motor 250W, 350W, 500W controller is integrated into the housing of the mid drive motor and produces smooth, quite power at any speed that will give you a amazing riding experience on any bike.

Riding the mid drive kits is complete unlike riding a hub motor electric bike. The power from the mid drive is varied through your existing gear train so that you have endless amounts of torque on start up (enough to kick the front wheel into the air on the more powerful versions, like the 750W).

As you accelerate and click up through your gears the 8FUN mid motor kit just keeps accelerating. It’s like changing up gears in a car to get to a comfortable top speed, whilst peddling at the same time.


We charge between $150 to $250 for installation of the 8 fun kit.

The mid drive installation can be more time consuming than our hub motor conversion kits.

Any bike with an internal bottom bracket between 68 and 73mm wide will be compatible with this kit.
We suggest purchasing our conversion kit toolkit because it contains a commonly used spline bottom bracket tool which and a crank puller (both essential).
If the bottom bracket has any small defects like a bur or foreign particle in the way, you may need to use a file to smooth these out.
The mid drive kit requires a very good fit and this can make it quite stiff to install, but it will fit!


We can also supply a Fat Bike ready Bafang kit.

Conversion and threading performed in Australia. Extended driveshaft and adapter made in USA by California Ebike.
Works with both BBS01 and BBS02