Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 7 HS (11Ah) Step through Electric Bicycle



Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 7 HS (11Ah) Step through Electric Bicycle


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On the Kalkhoff Agattu Impulse 7 HS, you can feel relaxed and cheerful as you ride, instead of sweaty and stressed, whether you are rushing to work or on a sporty weekend ride. The simple operation and low-maintenance reliability of the Agattu Impulse, make every ride a delight. While others may marvel at your unbelieveable energy, you can delight in the enormously long-lasting Impulse battery with and a range of 180 kilometers. That’s more than enough for a spontaneous detour to your favorite cafe. The Agattu is agile and powerful, allowing you to enjoy an exceptionally long, worry-free ride without the thought of stopping.


Providing an enormous 70Nm torque and working with the gear shifter to provide seamless transmission it's the most capable crank drive unit around. Kalkhoff have engineered a more powerful, efficient, quieter motor that supplies massive assistance from a standing start and cuts all hills down to size.


A genuine innovation this year - every time you change up or down a gear, power drops away for a matter of milliseconds for optimal gear shifting. This does a number of great things - it extends your gears mechanical lifetime, feels satisfyingly natural and makes for a smoother application of all that power. They had to invent a little electromechanical gadget to detect gear changes that worked with the motor. They succeeded and the result brings a new feeling of confident power to riding a Kalkhoff electric bike.


It's been some years since Kalkhoff dropped cable-pull brakes on their most popular models. Magura's hydraulic piston design makes braking easy, well-modulated and reliable over time. There are no cables to stretch, the whole surface of the brake pad is applied to the rim (protecting both), pads last for ages and braking is strong and sure-footed. Looks cool too, with strong arch and neat braking assembly tucked against the forks.


Powered by a free-running Shimano hub dynamo, the lights on this and all Kalkhoffs are excellent. Few bikes on sale benefit from front and rear illumination of this quality and utility. The rear lamp behaves like a brake light, brightening when the bike's brain detects deceleration. Not only that, the rear lamp with remain lit for several minutes at standstill, for added visibility when waiting at lights or junctions.The front lamp casts 80 lux of cool, bright LED light forward, enough to make night rides across the park something to enjoy rather than endure.


Schwalbe Puncture-Resistant Tyres, Multifunction LCD console - Speed, Charge, Assistance Level, Total Miles, Trip Miles, Handlebar-mounted control - illuminated with Walk Assist button, on/off, power controls and options, alloy forks, High-end Nexus 8 speed gears, Lithium tri-metal battery, 1100 cycle battery lifetime, more than twice that of the Bosch battery. So 50% extra capacity and 120% extra lifespan. elle Royal water-resistant Strengtex saddle.

Kalkhoff E-Bikes

Kalkhoff is the largest high-end bicycle manufacturers in Germany and the largest electric bike manufacturer in all of Europe. All Kalkhoff e-bikes are still produced in Germany as they have been for over 90 years. If you want the VERY best, you have found it...

Frame:  Impulse V2 Alloy Frame Size:  46cm (small), 50cm (medium), 55cm (large) Forks:  Suntour CR-8V alloy adjustable suspension Colour:  Carbonite Grey Rims:  Rodi Freewheel Tyres:  Schwalbe Energizer Life 28” Spokes:  Stainless extra strong Brakes:  Magura HS11 Hydraulic rim brakes, Magura HS11 levers Gears:  Shimano Nexus 7 Chain:  Shimano HG54 Handlebars:  City Cruiser handlebar/Concept SL adjustable stem Seat & Seat Post:  Selle Bassano Volare seat/alloy suspension seat post Weight:  22.1kg (including battery) Fitted Accessories:  Front headlight, rear backlight powered by Shimano dynamo, non slip pedals, rear kick stand, chain guard, mud guards, rear rack,
Motor:  250 Watt 36 Volt Impulse 2.0 Mid Drive Motor with gear shifting technology Sensor/drive:  Pedal force sensor (torque sensor), rotation sensor, speed sensor. Display Unit:  The LCD Compact displays all the key information in a neat, elegant, back-lit housing with a chrome finish. It displays all the key information at a glance: Battery charge state, Assistance level, Speed, Trip distance, Total kilometres. There are 3 assist levels, ECO, SPORT or POWER Battery:  Impulse Li-Lon 11 Ah battery Performance:  70Nm Of Torque, Expect 75-120 km’s range per battery charge Speed:  27km/h with assisted power. Charger:  Smart charger included. Maximum charge time 3 hours