TLC - Tender Little Cactus

Welcome to our little side project at Sydney Electric Bikes. Inspired by the green vision of our ebike shop and Jake's youngest daughter's love of plants we have launched a very simple enterprise. Tender Little Cactus is all about greening up your world, specifically your front garden with something green and low maintenance.

Many of us are too busy to tend to a garden or have little space to grow anything. Or we may just not know much about plants and lack the confidence to get your hands dirty. Well we are here to make that job easy and affordable.

We will come to the front of your house even if no one is home and plant a bright and cheerful planter that will be the best $ you have spent all day. For very little cost your home will feel more inviting to you and your neighbours, it's a win win. So many houses in our communities lack a green space. TLC hopes to transform our streets with splashes of colour and plants that are actually good for us. A great antidote to concrete and cars.

This is a social enterprise both in its ability to connect people in their community together and in its source of learning for young people in your area. By sourcing the materials and plants themselves youngsters are learning crucial entrepreneurial skills and discovering the joys of developing a green thumb.  The extra pocket money young people can earn is a valuable lesson in self reliance and is a fair reward for their efforts.