Trade In or Ex Demo electric bikes

Here you will find our latest Customer trade in or SEB ex floor model ebikes.

This is a great opportunity to get a genuine good price on our bikes. Bookmark this page as these sale items change regularly.
We happily take on your ebike to sell as a trade in. 
We don't pay for yours up front. We sell it in the shop and take a commission to cover the time and storage to sell your bike. Also the sale of your bike is a sale of our bikes we won't get if you understand. In addition we need to store your bike which is valuable real estate in our shop.
We charge the following commission rates.
$250 for bikes up to $1000
$350 for bikes from 1 to 2k
$450 for sales above 2k
The commission we take should still leave you with the same amount of money as if you sold it directly. We will typically get a higher value for the bike selling it from an electric bike specialty shop. You also won't have to deal with prospective buyers coming to your house and bargaining you down. 
If the bike does not sell within the month we will drop the price in $150 amounts until it sells.
The bike needs to be fit for sale obviously. We can work on the bike and take the repair bill of the sale if necessary. We would also load test the battery to print out a report of the full capacity. Important for any prospective buyer. That should be our first plan of action.