SmartMotion Ebikes

The SmartMotion electric bicycle range was a natural progression after Anthony Clyde (director at Neal-Clyde Designs ltd) developed the Smartmotion eDrive system for the New Zealand Post delivery bicycles. He spent nearly two years with NZ Post trialing components, upgrading, redesigning, until the SmartMotion eDrive system was robust enough to meet the extreme needs of Postal delivery.

One year of Postal delivery use equates to about 10 years of ‘normal’ electric bicycle use – the posties ride (rain, hail or shine) for over 250 days a year, fully loaded, stopping to deliver, then accelerating away hundreds of times every day. There are SmartMotion-powered delivery bikes with NZ Post that have been in use for 3 years now, still on original motor and battery.

With the success of the eDrive system, the idea followed to create a range of super-reliable, yet affordable, SmartMotion electric bicycles. Anthony kept the same ‘industrial/commercial use’ design standard that was required for NZ Post. In a nutshell: high-end components, simple modular design. Affordable quality.

And so SmartMotion International was born and within three months of its inception was in four countries. 

SM bikes have their eDrive heritage in NZ Post, with a bike design that is the sum total of all Anthony has learned about what makes a good affordable electric bicycle. Let’s see where it all goes from here!