A2B ebikes are simply put, the top of the range. A timeless classic, an A2B is an incredible fusion of style and quality. All A2B motors are virtually silent due to an internal system of magnets unlike traditional ebike motors that use planetary gears. They are very smooth to ride and utilise an advanced torque sensing system.

SEB Electric Bicycle Accessories to compliment your bike or Ebike

Ring your bell. Essential for all riding and a legal requirement.

Handy for your drinks when your out on two wheels. Also essential for our SEB Air conversion kit. You need somewhere to hold that sneeky little lithium battery disguised as a water bottle.

Take your precious with you. Very easy if you have a tow ball on your car. Little more effort if you don't.

Keep dem fingers warm. Essential in the colder months. 

 Don't just settle for the stock standard grips. Bling up your bike with some comfy and stylish options.

Check and cover your head with this range of neat helmets.


How can I choose my helmet model and know my helmet size?

All helmets are not identical, they can be classified in several categories, according to their usage. Full-face helmets, modular helmets, offroad helmets and jet helmets have their own specificities. Therefore, it is important to choose your helmet according to its future usage. In order to know your helmet size, you just have to measure the circumference of your head. The circumference of your head must be measured approximately 2 cm (+/- 1inch) above the eyebrows. In the chart hereunder, you will find the helmet size matching your head’s circumference. 

HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE (CM) 51-52 53-54 55-56 57 58 59-60 61-62 63-64


Make sure that your helmet size is the right one : if the helmet moves very easily on your head, it means that the helmet size is too large ; if it is too tightened, this will reduce your comfort. If a helmet is too large, it can blind you or even turn laterally while riding. After you have put your helmet on, fastened it and moved it from forward to backward, try to take it off. If the helmet is loose on your head and if it moves, it means that the helmet size is too large and that the helmet is not properly fitted to your head morphology.

 You love your Iphone? Take it with you on your ride. These Iphone Holders are ideal for using your phone's GPS features to guide your ride. LIsten to music and take calls on the road.

 At SEB we love bike stands. Once you have one you will never look back. You'll find you use it all the time.

Most of our Ebikes have integrated lights but they are static lights, they don't flash. A flashing front and rear light at night will alert motorists and pedestrians to your bicycle. Flashing lights are always understood as a bicycle.

Integrated lights are also of medium strength to preserve battery life. If you want a light that illuminates a dark road or path at night then a separate high lumens light will make all the difference.

Don't leave your valuable bike vulnerable. Lock it up with a decent lock!

Getting stick in the rain without mudguards is no fun at all. Do yourself a favour and install some. You'll never regret the purchase.

SEB stocks the entire range of Basil and Ortleib Accessories. if it's not listed here on our cart we can still order it in for you.


 Keep your tyres at the right pressure! You will get a longer range on your Ebike and lower your chances of a flat.

We sell a choice of quality bicycle tyres. Crucial if you are using your Ebike as your primary form of transport. As your Ebike is heavier than a standard bike your chance of a puncture des increase. Even more reason to ride on a good quality tyre.

Alchemy Goods transforms recycled bicycle inner tubes into stylish, eco-friendly vegan bags for the urban lifestyle through a process called "upcycling" -- that is, using waste materials to create new consumer products. From messenger bags to purses, wallets to belts, clutches to totes, all Alchemy Goods products are made in the USA (Seattle, WA) and come with a (second) limited lifetime warranty.

SEB toured South Vietnam on a couple of hand made bamboo bikes back in early 2013. We paid a visit to the factory that produces the Aluboo frames and met up with James Wolf the Head of Production. It was a fascinating trip and we couldn't leave without bringing back some frames to play with on our return. The Fat bike frame is the last one we  have completed and it's a ripper. 

Aluboo Bikes was founded in the summer of 2012 by James Wolf, Nick Frey, and Drew Haugen with the goal of making the excellent ride characteristics of bamboo accessible to more people.

James Wolf holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and has worked with bamboo for over 18 years, including handcrafting Boo Bicycles since 2009.

He resides in Saigon, Vietnam with his wife Lam and daughter Maya, where he has his own shop and team of skilled assistants, as well as access to a private plantation of Vietnamese Tam Vong (Iron Bamboo). He handles all bamboo procurement for Boo and Aluboo bikes personally.

Nick Frey, Founder and Owner of Boo Bicycles, is a professional bike racer and former Collegiate and U23 national champion. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University. Over the past four years, Frey and Wolf have built Boo Bicycles into the best custom bamboo bike company in the world.


At Boo, they handcraft bicycle frames using the finest bamboo in the world.  Their Tam Vong bamboo, nicknamed ‘Iron Bamboo’, is stronger by weight than steel.  It’s so strong that it’s used to build bridges and multi-story scaffolding in Vietnam, where they grow this special species of bamboo themselves on a private plantation.

Building performance bicycles using bamboo is intensive and lengthy.  But if done properly, the rewards of building with this amazing material can be great–producing bicycle frames that are the best of both worlds: stiff and durable, nimble and confident, lively and smooth.


Bamboo is a composite material, meaning it is made of multiple substances whose properties combine to create something with unique traits.

The two materials that make up bamboo are lignin and vascular bundles.  The lignin is a fleshy material that insulates and contains the vascular bundles, which carry water and nutrients.  These bundles also become extremely stiff and strong after curing.

As a result of its dense and fibrous vascular bundles, bamboo is incredibly stiff.  It is also excellent at dampening high-frequency vibration because of the fleshy lignin.  An extremely stiff material which absorbs harshness…sounds like a brilliant material for a bike frame!

Things get even more interesting.  Bamboo’s vascular bundles are entirely unidirectional, along the length of the tube (longitudinal).  The fibers have a Young’s Modulus (stiffness against bending) similar to carbon fiber, but are not as stiff in torsion (rotational torque).

When out of the saddle sprinting or climbing steep grades, the entire frame is put in a lateral-bending mode and the bamboo excels at resisting this bending, and thus transfers maximum power to the road.

When cornering, descending, or riding in very rough terrain, the front half of the frame is under torsion, and the bamboo allows for additional compliance in these circumstances.  As a result of this torsional forgiveness in the material, cornering is a treat.  The bike feels stable and secure, providing greater confidence in treacherous conditions and at high speeds.

Bamboo’s final unique property is a rising rate of stiffness, as measured by its Young’s Modulus.  The “snap” that bamboo is famous for comes from this very trait, and is why a bamboo bike frame feels lively.  There is an initial amount of give, where a smaller load application results in deformation of the material.  But as the load increases, the deformation increases at a slower rate.  This progressive stiffness gives the rider an initial compliance found in plusher bikes, but stiffens up quickly like an all-out maximum stiffness race bike.

With a stiff, lively ride that is also supple and compliant, bamboo allows the rider to have their cake and eat it too.


Bamboo vs. Carbon

Bamboo and carbon fiber are both composite materials.  In fact, a Boo is over 30% unidirectional carbon fiber.  They are surprisingly similar materials, considering one is natural and grows from the ground while the other is synthesized in a factory.

The unidirectional vascular bundles that make up a bamboo tube are extremely stiff, on par with carbon fiber, but their lower torsional stiffness provides more front-end compliance when descending at speed or riding through rough terrain and singletrack.

The acceleration and efficiency of bamboo and carbon are very similar–some riders cannot tell any difference in this category.  Bamboo climbs very quickly and accelerates and sprints like the best carbon bikes.  However, its additional vibration dampening (due to the bamboo’s fleshy lignin) and progressive stiffness combine to create a bike that is more supple and comfortable, without giving up speed and performance.

Bamboo is significantly more durable than carbon fiber, but it also weighs more and is denser.  While a bamboo frame may add weight over a superlight carbon monocoque frame, Boo can boast that it has never had a single tube or joint failure in its entire history–including car accidents!  Compare this to any carbon frame and you’ll realize the benefit of a little additional static weight is that a Boo frame will last.

Bamboo vs. Titanium

As an “investment bike” titanium is without equal.  We believe a Boo frame is the closest thing to a high-quality Ti frame in terms of longevity.  They are both long-term purchases meant to outlast all of the components that are hung on them.

Titanium is a homogeneous alloy, not a composite.  While it has multiple metals in varying amounts, they are mixed together in a random nature–not arranged in a strict unidirectional composite structure like bamboo.  Therefore the feel is not as complex–Ti has a bit of spring to it, like bamboo, but its stiffness is not as progressive and thus a Ti frame will not be as stiff or efficient when really pushing.

The supple feel and forgiving nature of Ti is quite similar to bamboo, but when speaking of an all-out racing bike, bamboo is a superior material.

Bamboo vs. Steel

Steel is real.  This phrase originated when riders felt “connected” to the road and trail when riding steel because it transmits the sensations coming from the wheels without being overly harsh.  The communicative nature of steel coupled with its lively nature has ensured its popularity as a bike frame material for over 100 years, having been used in some of the first bicycle frames in the world.

Bamboo transmits slightly less from the road and trail, due to lignin’s amazing dampening capabilities.  But its lively, springy nature shines and makes it similar to steel in this regard.

However, again as compared with Ti, bamboo will far surpass steel in both stiffness and weight.  While steel has a classic nature and harkens back to historic times of the sport, bamboo has much of the “life” while providing greater performance, on-road and off.


The new BH Evo range has landed. An inspired new design that makes the BH ebike even better.

The Evo comfort commuter bicycles come with an integrated rear rack, lights and mudguards for the ultimate all weather ebike. A super comfortable padded gel seat makes for an amazing ride for the long haulers out there.

The Offroad Evo range has a whole new frame design, a super sexy hydro formed mould that takes ebike design to a whole new level. Stunning to say the least.

All models now come standard with Tektro Ecomp Hydraulic disk brakes and a new charge port integrated into the frame. No need to take off the battery for charging. 

SEB has sold more BH Ebikes than any other shop in Australia, buy from the specialists. Come in and test ride in store.

The revolutionary Neo RDS technology uses a 250W (350W native) in compliance with Oz standards. This enables a greater peak which softens the use of the motor and eliminates a lot of the noise especially in times of intense use. The torque sensor (2) is located in the rear drop out of the frame. This registers the force exerted by the rider and sends a signal to the controller (4). This action is immediate.

The battery (3) is a 36V/12Ah Samsung removable and rechargeable battery that has been completely integrated into the frame. Lithium Ion batteries are the latest technology available and they offer the best performance in terms of range. They perform at full capacity for 30 000km after which they suffer a reduction in performance of 20%.The Neo features a removable LCD display (5). The bike has four progressive assistance modes. 

With a unique battery-in-the-frame design these bikes are super comfortable to ride and will have fellow riders trying to work out how they are getting passed by you on the hills. They have a very smooth pedal assist system and feel just like the equivalent non electric style of bike. 

SEB has sold more BH Ebikes than any other shop in Australia, buy from the specialists. Come in and test ride in store.

The revolutionary Neo RDS technology uses a 250W in compliance with Oz standards. This enables a greater peak which softens the use of the motor and eliminates a lot of the noise especially in times of intense use. The torque sensor (2) is located in the rear drop out of the frame. This registers the force exerted by the rider and sends a signal to the controller (4). This action is immediate.

The battery (3) is a 324Wh (36V/9Ah) Samsung removable and rechargeable battery that has been completely integrated into the frame. Lithium Ion batteries are the latest technology available and they offer the best performance in terms of range. They perform at full capacity for 30 000km after which they suffer a reduction in performance of 20%.The Neo features a removable LCD display (5). The bike has four progressive assistance modes. 

The 2017 release from the ever popular BH Emotion Range. The REVO offers the new sensational Brose Mid drive motor with 80nm of high powered torque. A natural evolution from the wildly popular Evo range of high end Ebikes, these bikes will be HOT this season. 

Sydney Electric Bikes doesn't just sell Ebikes. We also stock a large range of standard two wheelers.

Generally we order them one at a time for our Classic Electric Range of converted bikes but we are a dealer for a large number of brands.

Here is our curent list of stocked brands.

Felt, Apollo, XDS, Tokyo Bike, Linus, Papillionaire, Creme, Lekker, Vanmoof, Electra, Tern, Change and Montague. Phew, that's a lot of choice! Not all possibilities are listed on our site. Please contact us if you have a specific model your are interested in.

 Increase your cycling efficiency with BionX’s unique Intelligent Mobility System.

The BionX system is naturally intuitive. Energy is provided in proportion to the torque applied to the pedals: Pedal harder and get a stronger and faster assistance, pedal lightly and receive gentle, gradual assistance. Stop pedaling and your assistance is automatically cut off. Each pedal stroke is analyzed separately by a microprocessor, equalizing your energy so you can concentrate on enjoying a smooth, powerful and precise ride.

The BionX System consists of a console, a battery and a special wheel-based motor.

Spare parts for Bosch motors, displays etc

 Check out our range of really cool bling for your bike. These items are hard to find and guaranteed to please.

Finally a full size ebike range with an integrated frame battery that won't break the bank. Standard torque ebikes with great handling and finishes.

Sydney Electric Bikes specialises in converting existing bicycles to Ebikes. 

So you already bought or have a bike and you wish you had the money to buy a premium electric bike instead? Don't fret, you can convert your own bike instead. Far better than buying a cheap electric bike, you'll be electrified in no time at all.

Your old bike gathering dust in the garage that you bought for $500 three years ago will be far superior as an ebike than an el cheapo as the actual bike components will be perfectly adequate. We have kits that start at $995.00. You can keep the bike that you are comfortable with, reinvent it as electric and save money in the process.

Take a look at some of our customers conversions below.  

Electric Bikes by EARTH are designed with advanced and latest e bike technology. Their electric bikes are designed from ground up and use less electric wiring and cabling parts then most of their competitors. This helps to reduce and minimize service to electric parts and give you the piece of mind to enjoy more on the ride. Electric Bikes by EARTH bring advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to improve all their electric bike range.

Great quality entry level Ebikes. They won't break the bank but will get you around in comfort and style. 2 year warranty on all parts. Nice

Check out the Easybike website for more info. (Hope your french is not too rusty)


Sydney Electric BIkes are now selling Electric Scooters. An exciting addition to our range, an Electric Scooter is an incredibly efficient and green form of transport. Very quiet too. You will need to have a motorcycle license and know how to handle the power. PLease contact us to arrange a test ride.

Established in 2001. eZee is passionate in making the world’s best electric bikes. Working with international standards they guarantee electric bikes of the highest quality and performance.

eZee design complete electric bikes that fit a variety of needs… for commuters, adventurers, businesses and more. They source internationally for only the finest bike components to build you a beautiful electric bike that withstands the toughest conditions.

With little in the market that met their expectations of how an electric bike should perform, eZee went on to design and manufacture their very own electric drive system. Today, their drive system system sets the benchmark in performance and efficiency. Through the years, eZee electric bikes have garnered accolades from industry critics and reviewers. Most of all, their loyal customers can attest to the meaningful difference it has made in their lives.

Together with their international partners and distributors, they actively share a passion for electric bikes and provide the best service experience to all their customers. They believe eZee brings about a more fun and sustainable way to live, they believe the future of mobility is eZee.

Simply Moving

Founder and CEO, WW Ching hails from Singapore but has lived in China for almost 2 decades.

“Trying an electric bike has been a revelation to the wonderful possibilities such a bicycle could offer. It’s so many things at once, a technological and engineering marvel,  a solution to congestion, environmental responsibility and to our well-being. The bicycle is a simple and humble form of transport, yet it provides a singularly rich experience that only cycling can give.

Since then, I’ve made eZee to be the best of this vision, creating the finest electric bikes so that others too, may discover this experience thats simply moving!”

Market leader Royal Dutch Gazelle is the largest, oldest and most well known bicycle brand in this cycle-crazy country. Gazelle has been making the highest quality bicycles for the most critical cyclists for 118 years in their factory in The Netherlands. This has led not only to a long list of national and international awards, but also to an extensive collection of innovative bikes. Choosing Gazelle means choosing the quality of a premium brand.

Sydney Electric BIkes are excited to present in Australia a range of high end Ebikes integrated with the world renowned Bosch central drive system. Gepida was one of the first European companies to use Bosch on their bikes and it helps that the company is based in Hungary, the same place Bosch systems are manufactured. 

With incredible torque and a great centre of gravity, the Gepida has matched high end bicycles with world class electric components. Come in and test ride this exciting new addition to the widest range of Ebikes in Australia at SEB.

Gepida was one of the earliest bicycle companies to work with the e-bike concept and employed a Reseach and Development team in 2006.

Gepida launched its first electic bikes in 2008, working with the Yamaha mid-motor systems and developing its own GPDS hub-drive system. Gepida was one of the early European bicycle manufacturers to adopt the Bosch mid drive system, and began sales of Bosch e-bikes in 2012.

Gepida is unique to have developed its Bosch e-bike range to cover city bikes, hybrid and touring bikes (including the unique Rodanus tandem e-bike) and hard-tail mountain bikes.

Gepida bicycles are produced in Budapest by Olimpia Bicycle Kft. Its origins dating back to 1993 as a small concern but growing rapidly and after integration with the European Union in 2004. Today Gepida is highly regarded as a manufacturer of high quality bicycles under the ISO9001 system conforming to strict European codes for environmentally sensitive production.


The Gitane electric bike story - e-bike technology meets french chic

Eurocycles have bought a range of Gitane e-bikes to Australia. Gitane cycles have their roots in 1930, when Marcel Brunelière began making bicycles, under the name Gitane (meaning Gypsy in the femenine). Today Gitane is manufactured in France alongside legendary brands Peugeot, Bianchi, Monark and Puch.

Every design detail and every manufacturing step, everything until you get your bike, is carried out meticulously to guarantee you receive it with French quality. This culture is part of every e-bike you purchase, whatever type it is you all benefit from the technology, design and innovation embodied by the Gitane myth. Gitane, a French brand famous throughout the world, now available in Australia!

Kalkhoff is the largest high-end bicycle manufacturers in Germany and the largest electric bike manufacturer in all of Europe. All Kalkhoff e-bikes are still produced in Germany as they have been for over 90 years. If you want the VERY best, you have found it...

A balance bicycle, or run bike is a training bicycle that helps children learnbalance and steering. It has no pedals and no drivetrain.

Balance bikes have been made out of both metal and wood. It can be a normal bicycle with pedals and related parts removed, or it can be purpose-built (especially for very small children, for whom normal bicycles are generally not available). It can have no brake, or it can have one or two hand-activated rim brakes.

To function properly, a balance bicycle must be small enough that the rider can walk the bicycle while sitting comfortably in the saddle, putting both feet flat on the ground. The rider first walks the bicycle while standing over the saddle, then while sitting in the saddle. Eventually, the rider feels comfortable enough to run and "scoot" while riding the bicycle, then to lift both feet off the ground and cruise while balancing on the two wheels.

Thanks to Solarbike for the following detailed information about Lithium batteries.

The battery is the most important and expensive component of an electric bicycle, you have to pay the money if you want a good one. The best manufacturers of lithium ion batteries for ebikes are PANASONIC, SAMSUNG and BOSCH. All of BOSCH's batteries are integrated systems and cannot be used with kits. We stock a good range of advanced lithium ion batteries using PANASONIC cells or SAMSUNG cells. These have the highest power to weight ratio of all commercial lithium ion batteries. All batteries have an internal protective battery management system (BMS). Your choice of battery should be made based on style preferences and range required. A battery with a greater capacity will give a greater riding range. Capacity is measured in Amp hours (Ah) or Watt hours (Wh). Typically, 36V batteries are used for motor powers between 200W - 500W and 48V batteries are used for 1000W motors. Tubular batteries or the Black Diamond batteries result in improved handling as they are mounted within the frame and offer a better centre of gravity. Rack batteries are better suited for step through ladies bicycles or for longer riding range. There is more information on batteries and best charging practice at the bottom of this page.

The best charging practices are to charge often and don't regularly run it flat. Once you know your range, aim to keep within 20% of that range on a regular basis. The charger will turn off once the battery is fully charged. It's good practice to remove the charger once it is fully charged because you still have a live circuit. Be sure to always turn the battery switch off when you are not using it, a small amount of current will drain into the controller otherwise and the battery will go flat within a few weeks. If you are going away for a long time then give the battery a full charge and remove the battery from the rack or unscrew the cable at the bottom if it is a tube style. It will be ok for around 3 months if you do this. If you run your battery flat then you should charge it up as soon as possible. If you leave it in a flat condition for a long time then you will likely damage it beyond repair.

We don't want to worry you but you should know that lithium ion batteries can be dangerous. Watch this video if you want to see what can happen if they get mis-treated. You should treat your battery with the same precaution as you would treat a bottle of petrol. They should not be exposed to heat or physical damage. You should charge your battery in a place where it can't get damaged and if there is an accident it won't be fatal. Ie, don't charge your battery next to a sleeping baby. There are many circumstances around the world of lithium ion batteries catching fire. If they do, there is very little you can do about it as they are extremely hard to extinguish, put out lots of acrid smoke and burn extremely hot. The best thing to do if there is a fire is douse it continuously with water if it's safe to do so - perhaps have your charging location in reach of your garden hose. The risk of fire is extremely small if you don't do anything silly or have an accident but you should be aware of the potential risk. We only use batteries from top manufacturers and they are all tested at the battery factory and at our warehouse. We also only use chargers specifically designed for the batteries and with Australian electrical certification. Don't use any old charger for them, you need to get the correct one. It is wise to first charge and even turn on the battery outdoors.

The main choices available for powering electric bicycles are lead acid batteries and lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are far superior to lead acid batteries and are clearly the ideal choice for use with an electric bike. There is a range of chemistry used in lithium ion batteries, common ones include lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese and lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and each manufacturer has trade secrets as to the exact composition of each metal in its slurry. In practice, we find that the lifetime of all lithium ion chemistry types is very similar under real riding conditions and its the quality control of the manufacturer that gives the greatest safety and quality of the battery. Warranty is also important as nearly all electric bicycle failures are due to the battery. In nearly all cases, any fault will appear within 1-2 weeks. Once through this "teething" stage then your battery is unlikely to fail for a few years

Lithium ion batteries last about 3 times as long as lead acid batteries and weigh about three times less - approximately 4kg (Li ion) vs 12kg (lead acid) for 36V 10ah. There is simply no comparison if you are looking for high performance. The cost is still very high for excellent quality lithium ion battery packs for electric bicycles but the enhanced lifespan compensates for this cost difference. It is important to use a lithium ion battery designed for an electric bike as they have battery management systems (BMS) inside them. The BMS is a piece of circuitry that must be set appropriately to control the amount of current draw required by the motor and to limit excessive discharge capacity. The BMS is also important for balancing cell charge between the individual cells within the battery to maintain battery life over time. For performance reviews of the batteries on offer please read through some of thetestimonials.

Sealed lead acid batteries are also not a bad option if that is what you have handy or are budget limited. They have proven through the test of time and handle the current draw of electric bicycle motors well. Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are commonly used lead acid batteries for electric vehicles, they use either gel or absorbant glass mat fibres to hold the electrolyte. They have a higher energy density than typical car batteries and can be inverted without spilling acid, they cope with higher temperatures and can be charged and discharged more rapidly. You should be able to get a set of sealed lead acid batteries from a local battery shop for between $130 - $250. If running a 36V motor, you will need to get three 12V batteries and hook them up in series (aim for about 12ah each battery). You will also need to get a 36V battery charger - send us an email if you need help in sourcing one as they can be difficult to come by.

Lead acid batteries suffer in comparison to lithium ion batteries on two important factors. Recharge times and weight. Lead acid batteries can be recharged approximately 200-250 times while high-end lithium ion batteries can be recharged about 500 - 800 times. Lead acid batteries are also about three times as heavy. We're sorry to those who would prefer to use lead acid batteries or purchase some for their old kit. We've opted to aim for high-end products and no longer stock them. The battery is the most expensive component of our kits, approximately three quarters of the cost.


Fifteen years of combined experience in sales & marketing within the Asia-Pacific region led to the establishment of Best Quality Imports Pty Ltd. Nowadays the company enjoys a strong presence in both Australia and New Zealand as well as in Singapore and Malaysia. The portfolio currently includes high quality hand-made bicycles, electric bikes, cycling clothing and selected bike accessories.

BOSCH, a world leader in electric-engine manufacturing, joins the avant-guard technology and high quality attributes of Lombardo Bikes to produce the world’s most efficient and reliable E-bikes on the market (Source: Eurobike 2013 – The Global Show). Six distinct frame designs to suit any rider style: 3 comfortable City E-bikes, a 27.5” Mountain E-bike and 2 smooth Flat-Bar Hybrid E-bikes. A very gentle power exerted on the pedals will generate a formidable pedal-assist response to move ahead. Thanks to the most innovative among BOSCH systems made in Germany and dedicated to our production, the Lombardo E-bike becomes the latest new release among the greenest and most effective means of transport for the everyday city commuters. 

A powerful and discrete engine that uses a sophisticated on board computer capable of analysing all riding parameters and in real time, changing for ever the concept of Pedal Assist. The Bosch Lithium-Ion battery, which is specific for our remarkably light frames, is designed in small dimensions and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours. Within just 60 minutes of plugging it in the battery can be capable of reaching up to 60% of its full charge. Thanks to Lombardo exceptional Italian frames the weight of our E-bikes is kept to minimum with approximately 18 to 20 kg, therefore facilitating the vehicle handling, manoeuvring and storage.

A powerful technological engine dedicated exclusively to Lombardo Italian frames.  A world unique synergy capable of reaching a speed up to 25 km/h, while offering a very comfortable ride in all conditions and territories, even along hills as steep as 26%. The engine strategically set underneath the pedals hub lowers the center of gravity, increasing the stability throughout the ride. The Battery is the heart of the whole Bosch system in which Safety and Practical usage make a difference. Up to 500 full-charge cycles guaranteed for a ride range of minimum 70 Km (Turbo mode) and up to 140 km (Eco-Mode) with a surprisingly fast time of full re-charge: only 2.5 hours. Both types of batteries, standard and rear pack, can be pulled out from the bike with a special key provided 

All Lombardo Bosch E-bikes are built with a real on board computer providing numerous and valuable information about the ride. The on board computer analyses the data provided by several integrated sensors and regulates in real time the power supplied by the engine, furthermore, it provides info on the battery residual charge, the actual speed and the calculated autonomy of the E-bike (kilometres left to ride) on the current charge. The on board computer allows the choice among 5 distinct programs for selecting the most appropriate power usage suited to the riding style. The computer can also be removed from the E-bike and work as an anti-theft device. 



At the heart of all Momentum Electric bikes is our unique AUTORQ™ system. AUTORQ™ thinks so you don’t have to. It senses how hard you pedal and intelligently controls the motor. It keeps you in control 100 percent of the time. AUTORQ™ sounds complex but it’s just a team up of the wordsautomatic and torque referring to – you guessed it – an automatic torque sensor.

AUTORQ™ is one of the reasons why riding a Momentum Electric bicycle feels completely intuitive and addictively fun. Don’t just take our word for it – read the A to B magazine review for yourself.


Here you will find our latest sale items. 
This is a great opportunity to get a genuine good price on our bikes. Bookmark this page as these sale items change regularly.

Supplied from Electric Velocity in Chippendale. Nice, lightweight Ebikes with decent components. Come into the store for a test ride. 

Panther electric bicycles are a premium brand. Beautifully built and incredibly light, a Panther bike feels more than any ebike like riding a regular bike. Not the most powerful in our range but the small 11AH battery will still get you 25 to 35kms on a single charge. Simple 7 speed internal hub gears and an intelligent pedal assist system will give you a seamless ride in style and comfort.

In 1973 Patagonia established itself out of a small company that made tools for climbers.

Reaching the shores of Torquay in 2008, it's values here in Australia reflect those of a business started by a band of climbers but now focus on our national past time of surfing, and the minimalist style that lifestyle promotes. The approach it takes towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility.

For Patagonia, a love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them, and to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our planet. It donates it's time, services and at least 1% of our sales to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups all over the world who work to help reverse the tide.

It's goal and mission statement is to build the best product, causing no unnecessary harm.

Patagonia understand that our lives roll on, regardless of the elements. To keep you dry throughout the storms and rain they have introduced a variety of waterproof and water-resistant clothing to meet your every need.

Patagonia’s H2No® fabric package range is completely waterproof, windproof, breathable and very durable. It's proprietary durable water-repellent fabric finish, Deluge® DWR, lasts substantially longer than standard DWRs and maintains like-new repellency after years of extensive use.

Power-Ped have been producing electric bicycles for the Australian market for over 12 years. We are also the company behind Australia's largest electric bicycle fleet… Australia Post's Electric Mail Bike. 

After years of experience we understand the Australian e-bike consumer and we've designed our models based on their needs. This year we've designed a simple range of e-bikes catering to a large range of cyclists. Our focus is on reliability, simplicity, comfort and functionality. The new models are smoother and quieter than ever, coming in a range of sizes and colours to suit your specific needs.

Our award winning electric bicycles are available through our dealers Australia wide. Enjoy the ride!

Danish inspired and designed these electric bicycles are a pleasure to ride, everything just works beautifully together. In 2008 Promovec launched a whole new generation of e-bikes which did away with the idea that an electric bicycle is a heavy and unwieldy bicycle designed for seniors. Their entire product line consists of e-bikes in a modern and simple design with a strong frame and a high performance that provide the ultimate riding experience. They offer a 3 year warranty on their motors.

Keep up with your kids and share the fun with them at the same time with your own adult micro® scooter. micro® are the best adult scooters you can buy, with safety and quality standards you won't find anywhere else.

Scooters are a great tool for commuting too, cruise to work in style. A fantastic vehicle for those micro distances and a great excuse to be in on some fun!

Our micro® adult range for parents and commuters goes to prove that scooters aren't only for the young; they're also great for the young at heart!

Sydney Electric Bikes is busy fitting Electric kits to existing bikes that can't currently be bought electrified. This range is all about unique and beautiful bicycles that given the magic Ebike touch stand out as a piece of bicycle art.

Electric bicycles from conventional Ebike companies are not always designed with beauty in mind. Made as more of a utility bike, Ebikes don't usually elicit the kind of lip smacking desire that other classically designed bicycles do. The Retro look and feel is rapidly gaining  in popularity and we can see why. A bike should be as much about function as form. It should be a reflection of ones aesthetic taste and be adored by the owner.

So with that in mind Sydney Electric Bikes has created an exciting new range of Classic Electric Bikes. Lightweight, beautiful and fast. These bikes are a beauty to behold.

Our preferred range of bikes to arrange an Ebike marriage with are:

Tokyo Bike  Lekker  Papillionaire  Linus  Creme  Vanmoof  Electra  Montague  Felt  Apollo

Check out our range of existing bike conversions or browse the above sites and start designing your dream Ebike. If you buy the bike and conversion kit from us we offer free installation. Sweet!

For all who love to cycle, get outdoors, and put a premium on healthy living. Commute to work, ride long distances or explore the outdoors. SHIMANO STEPS will give you that extra push. Wherever you’re going.

The SmartMotion electric bicycle range was a natural progression after Anthony Clyde (director at Neal-Clyde Designs ltd) developed the Smartmotion eDrive system for the New Zealand Post delivery bicycles. He spent nearly two years with NZ Post trialing components, upgrading, redesigning, until the SmartMotion eDrive system was robust enough to meet the extreme needs of Postal delivery.

One year of Postal delivery use equates to about 10 years of ‘normal’ electric bicycle use – the posties ride (rain, hail or shine) for over 250 days a year, fully loaded, stopping to deliver, then accelerating away hundreds of times every day. There are SmartMotion-powered delivery bikes with NZ Post that have been in use for 3 years now, still on original motor and battery.

With the success of the eDrive system, the idea followed to create a range of super-reliable, yet affordable, SmartMotion electric bicycles. Anthony kept the same ‘industrial/commercial use’ design standard that was required for NZ Post. In a nutshell: high-end components, simple modular design. Affordable quality.

And so SmartMotion International was born and within three months of its inception was in four countries. 

SM bikes have their eDrive heritage in NZ Post, with a bike design that is the sum total of all Anthony has learned about what makes a good affordable electric bicycle. Let’s see where it all goes from here!

SOLAR BIKE is an Australian wholesale and retail supplier of electric bicycle conversion kits. We specialise in providing the greatest range of electric bike motors and lithium ion batteries Australia wide. We use batteries with the highest power to weight ratio commercially available for ebikes with the latest PANASONIC cells. There are bike shops Australia wide who stock and install our conversion kits and you can also purchase directly from us. We are located in Fremantle if you'd like us to do the conversion work for you and we also stock a range of great production line electric bikes there. Please contact us directly with any queries, we hope to be able to provide the best service in the country for electric bicycle related demands.

Welcome to our little side project at Sydney Electric Bikes. Inspired by the green vision of our ebike shop and Jake's youngest daughter's love of plants we have launched a very simple enterprise. Tender Little Cactus is all about greening up your world, specifically your front garden with something green and low maintenance.

Many of us are too busy to tend to a garden or have little space to grow anything. Or we may just not know much about plants and lack the confidence to get your hands dirty. Well we are here to make that job easy and affordable.

We will come to the front of your house even if no one is home and plant a bright and cheerful planter that will be the best $ you have spent all day. For very little cost your home will feel more inviting to you and your neighbours, it's a win win. So many houses in our communities lack a green space. TLC hopes to transform our streets with splashes of colour and plants that are actually good for us. A great antidote to concrete and cars.

This is a social enterprise both in its ability to connect people in their community together and in its source of learning for young people in your area. By sourcing the materials and plants themselves youngsters are learning crucial entrepreneurial skills and discovering the joys of developing a green thumb.  The extra pocket money young people can earn is a valuable lesson in self reliance and is a fair reward for their efforts.

Here you will find our latest Customer trade in or SEB ex floor model ebikes.

This is a great opportunity to get a genuine good price on our bikes. Bookmark this page as these sale items change regularly.
We happily take on your ebike to sell as a trade in. 
We don't pay for yours up front. We sell it in the shop and take a commission to cover the time and storage to sell your bike. Also the sale of your bike is a sale of our bikes we won't get if you understand. In addition we need to store your bike which is valuable real estate in our shop.
We charge the following commission rates.
$250 for bikes up to $1000
$350 for bikes from 1 to 2k
$450 for sales above 2k
The commission we take should still leave you with the same amount of money as if you sold it directly. We will typically get a higher value for the bike selling it from an electric bike specialty shop. You also won't have to deal with prospective buyers coming to your house and bargaining you down. 
If the bike does not sell within the month we will drop the price in $150 amounts until it sells.
The bike needs to be fit for sale obviously. We can work on the bike and take the repair bill of the sale if necessary. We would also load test the battery to print out a report of the full capacity. Important for any prospective buyer. That should be our first plan of action.

Tricycles are commonly used for recreation, shopping and exercise and even commercial transportation. Tricycles provide the rider will increased cargo capacity and stability, important when carrying larger loads, ideal for the elderly or persons living with disabilities.

A great new addition to our Entry Level and High Torque Ebike range. 

VelectriX is a leading Australian electric bikes manufacturer, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Their team is incredibly passionate about electric bikes and all things eco-friendly. They have been part of the electric bike industry for over 10 years and, as interest in emission-free transport has increased, we have seen a sudden surge in electric bike popularity around Australia and across the world. They are excited to be part of a growing community of bike-lovers who are searching for a cost-effective alternative for their daily commute or weekend adventure. VelectriX brings you the best quality electric bikes on the Australian market, with superior design and performance. All their electric bicycles are conceptualised, designed and tested in Australia.

Our creations are then brought to life by our long established and successful European e-bike manufacturing partners. Aspiring to build the best electric bicycles is somewhat of a passion for the team at VelectriX. With continuous investment in product development and design, our bikes are distinguished by using only the best, latest and most reliable technology that has gained popularity with mainstream cyclists and electric bike enthusiasts alike.