Dillenger Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 250W – Downtube Li-Ion Battery



Dillenger Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit – 250W – Downtube Li-Ion Battery


SEB has partnered up with the good guys at Dillenger to sell their kits direct from our shop in Sydney.  We have seen the hard working lads at Dillenger support their products well and we are happy to partner up with a great Australian company that's invested in the electric bike industry. The price includes local warranty and support, crucial with all things electric. Conversion is never as simple as it sounds and can be outright dangerous if installed incorrectly.  The kits are a great entry level conversion kit. If your after higher performance and extended warranty options we recommend looking at our higher end kits. 

Come in store to test ride the kits yourself, far better than taking a punt on a photo and spec descriptions.

This kit features a 10Ah frame battery kit with upgraded wiring, plugs, LCD display and USB charging capability.

This kit utilizes military grade waterproof connections and looming, LCD backlit display, and 13Ah 36V frame battery with USB Charger. Designed to fit universally into any regular diamond frame bicycle, this conversion kit battery has a higher capacity than the 8Ah bottle battery, but does not take up much more room due to the clever design of the frame battery and mounting cradle. 

This 250W electric bike kit includes everything needed to convert your own standard bike into a top of the line performance electric bike, including the very latest Lithium Ion polymer battery that delivers un-matched performance, reliability and longevity.

For this kit, Dillenger offers an industry leading 12-month unlimited warranty on all kit components, including the motor, controller, wiring loom and even the Lithium-ion battery.


New Dillenger kits now feature a nifty little invention called ‘Removable Pedal Assist Sensor’ or RPAS.

Dillengers’ RPAS is an innovation, which replaces traditional sensors. We had found that the problem with the traditional sensors is that they require the removal of the crank, the bottom bracket to be undone and, more often than not, there are also be problems with compatibility. Often there is not quite enough room for the PAS disk behind the chain wheel, which can lead to further complication. Crank and bottom bracket removal requires specialist tools.

The beauty of the RPAS is that it does not require the removable of any of the components on the bike!

Our in house engineered removable pedal assist sensor design means that the electric bike kits magnetic Hall Effect disk fits universally onto the left side crank axel using the split disk arrangement – held in place by a circlip. The sensor gets mounted easily using cable ties onto the base of the seat tube (just above the bottom bracket housing). The whole sensor module mounts easily to the frame and the sensor articulates so the position is in the correct proximity.

Included in this 250W electric bike kit package

  • Complete, hand built 250W wheel with motor hub and heavy gauge stainless steel spokes (100% ready to mount, just change over your existing tyre and tube) with required spaces, washers and nuts.
  • Dillenger Lithium Ion Polymer battery with ignition keys, cradle mount and smart charger (cradle bolts to standard water bottle bracket threads)
  • Intelligent motor controller – integrated into the base of the battery
  • e-brake handles (left and right)
  • Pedal assist display with battery level LED readout, on/off and 3 level adjustable pedal assist setting (digital gears)
  • Twist throttle over-ride, with matching opposite handle bar grip (for symmetry)
  • RPAS
  • Motor power cable quick connect/disconnect plug for easy removal of the front electric bike kit wheel for transport
  • Cable ties and plastic coil to tidy up the wiring loom, making the finished installation look very professional